Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hmmmmm; you learn something new everyday.  "I love Nutella"; there I said it.   When I say I love it; I really mean that I love it; in fact I love it so much that the only thing I usually pair it with is a spoon.  So; yesterday I was jonesing for some chocolate when I remembered the big jar of Nutella I'd bought the day before.  Yes; score!!!!!!!!!!!!! "that'll hit the spot." So I searched the cupboard and could not find it, I thought about the idea of having left it at the store.  I couldn't have left it at the store.  "I'm sure I unpacked it."  I started to panic when I opened the refrigerator and there it sat.  Weird; and it was open already, someone had already been into the jar of glory.

I grabbed it and head up to my computer to work.  When I opened the jar and looked in; the Nutella was hard.  Hmmmm; never knew that cold Nutella was hard, we never keep it in the fridge.  It's hard enough to bend a spoon and you really have to work to get at it.  So; I've learned that keeping the Nutella jar in the fridge can be a good and bad thing. 


Slows down the eating process.

Burns more calories; much more work to get a spoonful.

More likely that I will stop eating before I get a stomach ache.

Spoonfuls are much smaller.

Makes for a tastey treat.


Slowing down the entire process.  ;)

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