Sunday, September 26, 2010

You wanna go where everybody knows your name

Just imagine; walking into a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop and having the servers bring you your regular.  Or even coming to your table and asking you if you'd like your usual.  Is this even possible nowadays?  Well; a couple of things to consider.  One you can frequent a smaller town place where they don't have so many people that you simply are a number or two; you frequent the place a lot.  Well; we frequent BJs a lot and there are two girls that work there who know what we want.  It is an amazing feeling; we sit down and they ask us "two blondes? or a blonde and a red?"  And they even know what we want to eat.

The first time it happened I was shocked; the sort of shocked where you are looking around like "okay; what's going on here?"  Living in Southern California; you get a sense that no one will ever remember you.  I've been going to the same grocers for years; and only a couple of the people that work there seem to maybe remember me a bit.  Let's face it; there's a crap load of people here.  And it takes someone who is going beyond the call of duty to recognize a face; or care to. 

So; what's good at BJs?  As I said we are regulars, like every week regulars.  Pretty much everything is good; I have not been disappointed as of yet.  My favorite right now is the California club flatbread pictured above, yum.  It's lighter than the pizza and doesn't leave me feeling so full after having a beer as well.  I like the mini pizza; the Great White is pretty amazing and the Veggie.  I also really like the chicken Quesadilla from the small snacks menu.  I always order their own Blonde beer; it's won lots of awards and always goes down nicely with whatever dish I order. 

The atmosphere is pretty typically Brew House; a cross between sports bar and pizza place.   A very family friendly eatery; a bit noisy at times but it is very reliably good.  They have a great Happy Hour; but you must sit in the bar area to get the discounts.  During Happy Hour we can both have a beer and mini pizza for 20.00 imagine.

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