Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is my first official post on Flavor Gossip- a foodie 'esque' blog where my sister, my mom and I will discuss the foods we eat and cook at home and when we travel. We'll gossip about the cafes we visit, the farmers markets we frequent, what we're served at five star restaurants, dinner parties, weddings, baby showers and holidays. Hey- if you can eat it, we'll analyze it, make fun of it and if it's good enough, you might even see us poetically deify it.

Since this my first post, I thought it'd be fitting to discuss the first meal of the day.

Who doesn't love breakfast? I can't think of a person (even a vegetarian person, which I am) who isn't immediately sent into a sniffing frenzy when the warm aroma of smokey bacon wafts through the kitchen in the morning. There is something deeply nostalgic about the sounds, sights and smells of traditional breakfast. Imagine sunny orange slices leaning perfectly against triangle toast slices on round white plate, the sound of a 50's era stepford wife cracking eggs on a glass bowl or the bubbling hiss of an espresso machine in a bustling coffee house. Breakfast comes in so many forms, whether you're the simple cereal and milk type, the full on eggs and hash browns kind, or the busy Venti coffee and a muffin sort, we all have our own favorite way to start the day.

My day must begin each day with good coffee. Period. After that, I'm not really too picky except that I tend to stray away from typical breakfast foods. I blame this on my mother (what an original concept huh?), who, for as long as I can remember fed me a vast array of un breakfast foods for breakfast. My typical childhood b-fast foods were, left over lasagna, a homemade quesadilla covered in my favorite salsa, or maybe a grilled cheese sandwich. I just can't bring myself to have a danish or some granola when I could have some hearty vegetarian chili instead. I crave REAL food in the mornings. It's not that I don't enjoy the taste of a warm glazed donut, a fresh chewy bagel or a slice of toast with jelly, it's just that if I start my day off by eating something completely void of protein and uh...substance, I'll feel a zombie. I think those 'continental breakfast' foods are better left as a late night snack or food you eat at meeting out of desperation. Though I'm not the breakfast food type, I can appreciate a nice restaurant omelet and a comfy weekend style breakfast with fruit, potatoes and eggs done just right. But for my daily life, it's good coffee and something you'd be having for lunch.

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