Sunday, October 3, 2010

Il fornaio

After a crazy week; a not so great week, I needed a break so my hubby took me to Il Fornaio.  It is one of my favorite local restaurants.  Il Fornaio is located in Irvine on Von Karman Ave.; an easy get to restaurant off of  Jamboree exit at the 405.  When we got there last night it looked like maybe a wedding reception was going on; I didn't realize that they held events like that here.  The valet parking is validated before you leave making it very nice to drive right up to the front.  Happily there was lots of room inside and we got a lovely table by the window. 

The service is good here; prompt and friendly.  As soon as we sat and ordered our wine; which I cannot remember the name of now but was amazing, they brought us our bread with olive oil and balsamic.  Oh; and we always order butter with our bread as well, there really is nothing better than good bread and butter.  Last night they had a new bread in the basket; it was a delicious white bun filled with green olives.  I cannot remember the last time I tasted bread quite as good as this and I will be trying to find the recipe.  It was soft and filled with flavor plus the added olives as well.  Yum.  This tasty treat is located to left of the basket.

I really didn't need to look at the menu; I always have the same dish, I love it and look forward to it specifically.  I have the Cappellacci di Zucc; butternut squash filled raviolli with tomato and brown butter sauce, walnuts and crispy sage leaves, delicious.  The crispy fried sage leaves are to die for; very different but something I look forward to with the raviolli.  I'm not sure how many times that I have had it but not once have I been disappointed.

 My husband often has the same dish as I but this night he had their Restaurant week special; which includes an appetizer, main dish and dessert.  His first course or Antipasti consisted of grilled scallops, shrimp and calamari drizzled in pesto sauce.  We shared the dish; it was plenty big enough for two and delicious.  The scallops were so tender that we barely had to chew; simply enjoy.  The next dish was his main course which was a double breast of chicken; roasted potatoes and spinach.  The chicken was amazingly tender; spicy yet not firey. 

Finally the piece de resistence which was a decadent hazelnut frozen custard like dessert; drizzled in chocolate, fresh whipped cream and topped with candied orange.  It was a delectably rich, creamy and amazing as well. 

A decaf coffee to go with the dessert and we had enjoyed another wonderful meal at Il Fornaio.

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