Sunday, September 19, 2010

Native Foods

I was at Native Foods for lunch today; it is a vegan restaurant in Aliso Viejo.  I brought my trusty camera so I could photograph the goods; but unfortunately I ate the food before thinking about shooting it.  This is a rare occurance for me but I guess I'll chalk it up to being very hungry and anticipation.  Knowing what I'm in for has me anxious to dive in and before you know it; presto, it's gone. As I sat looking at the empty plates; the photo came to mind, "crap I ate it."  I almost always order the Native chicken wings; of course being that it is a vegan restaurant; there is no chicken in the chicken wings.   I'm a big chicken tender/finger fan and these do not disappoint; they are one of my favorites.

We also added a side dish of sweet potato fries to our meal.  I am also a huge fan of these little strips of glory; and again Native Foods does it great.  Delicious and flavorful, these fry alternatives made from the sweet potato are nutrient rich.  I keep sweet potatoes on hand all year; both for us and our dogs.

I've eaten several items listed on the menu and have loved them all.  Even if you are not a veggie or vegan you will enjoy eating at Native Foods.  The food is fresh and when you leave you have that "I feel healthy" sense about you.  Today we decided to try a dessert as well; first time.  The cupcakes at Native foods look delicious; we asked for a recommendation and the gal at the cash told us the chocolate cupcake was her favorite.  Well it was pretty fabulous I have to say.  I tried the frosting and cake separately so I could get the full flavor of both; then together.  I don't know how they do it vegan but they've figured it out.

These images below were sent from Native foods for me to post.  Thanks Andrea

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