Friday, September 24, 2010

Easy Peasy Cheesey

Dinner doesn't always come easily; sometimes I sit pondering about the meal and get nothing, no ideas, no inspiration.  But the other night I was inspired by Zach; a reader and Facebook member.  He posted an image of a pizza he made and explained how easy the dough was; no yeast!  No yeast?  What?  I'll make it tonight I thought.  So the dough uses beer and baking powder; a whole can of beer.  And like Zach said it was ready in 15 minutes.


2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tblsp baking powder
1 can or bottle of beer

I mixed the dry ingredients in my mixer and threw in the beer; Coors light.  I mixed it for about 2 minutes to make sure everything was good and blended; plus it took a while for the beer to soak in.  I dropped it out onto a  cutting board and used about 1/4 cup more flour while kneading it.  I let it rest for a bit; and the rolled it out to a full sized cookie sheet; leaving more around the edges for a crust.  I then coated all the edges with olive oil.

Now this is the part where you can do whatever you want.  I used tomato sauce, black olives, Parmesan reggiano, fresh basil, garlic powder, veggie Italian sausage and lots of mozzarella.   Baked it at 375 for almost 30 min.  I think the dough could have used a bit of zazz; maybe I'll put some herbs in it next time.   It was really good and; it's gone.  And as Jamie said in her breakfast blog; I had it for breakfast this morning.  ;)

Thanks Zach; this will definitely be on my regular list now.

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