Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Red snapper

I made snapper last night; a first.  I've made many types of fish but never this one so I got out my trusty laptop and had a look around at what others do with this fish.  Seems like blackening spice and red pepper are the trend so I set off to try.  I cut rings of onions and threw them in the pan; tossed them around until they were lightly browned and set them aside.  I got the snapper out; washed it and patted dry, squeezed lemon on each piece and salt/pepper.  I sprinkled lightly with Cajun blackening seasoning and added the onion on top.  Then poured the olive oil that I had cooked the onion in over the top of the snapper.  Popped it into the 400 degree oven for about 20 min.

As a side I decided to try something new as well; it's squash season and we are big squash eaters.  I got some puff pastry at Trader Joe's, time to stock up on it as they only carry it in the freezer dept. this time of year.  So I cooked the squash; stirred in butter, salt and pepper.  I rolled the squash in the puff pastry and topped with some pecans.  I love puff pastry; I've got a lot of Scottish blood in my veins so this is my excuse.  :)  Anyway it turned out amazing; great alternative to just simple squash and it was very easy.  It too cooked about 20 min. in the 400 degree oven.

Now for the snapper; it was really good, lightly seasoned and very moist and tender.  Being that I am not actually a big fish fan; I do not like the fishy taste of some fishes.  Halibut is by far my favorite although this was pretty darn good.  It was light in flavor, not fishy.  It had a more meaty texture than Halibut and a little more flavor.

Dessert?  Apple cheesecake.

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  1. Wow, that all looks amazing!!! Red snapper is one of my faves. Huichinango!