Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cooking weather

It's chilly and raining; two ingredients much sought after for being in the mood, the cooking/baking mood, at least for me that is.  I love cooking when it is cold, dark and rainy out.  I like cooking most of the time but if it's really hot; forget it.   Last night was a bit different; I left cooking to the last minute.  I'd been busy doing other stuff and finally ran downstairs to ponder dinner.  The mushrooms caught my eye; that was that.  I started simmering them in a pan with some garlic.  Once they made some nice brown stuff on the bottom of the pan I poured in a good amount of wine to pull that flavor off the surface of the pan and into the sauce. 

Once everything was simmering nicely I added tomato sauce, Parmesan reggiano, fresh basil, salt and pepper.  I let that simmer for at least 20 and threw the pasta on.  Made a quick arugula (of course) salad with a pile of fresh tomatoes and poured myself a glass of wine. 

Tossed a little extra mozzarella cheese on top with some fresh basil; done.  I do love Italian.  

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