Thursday, January 6, 2011

Veggie Chili

I made veggie Chili last night, it was delicious and very non fattening.  Good news for the New Year eh?  The chili itself was vegan, but being a big dairy lover I added a dollop of sour cream and smoked grated cheddar at the end.  No, it wasn't as non fattening with the additions but it sure was good.  So if you are a vegan, just skip the end additions. 

I love the slow cooker, it is the greatest thing for those days you just don't feel like cooking.  I throw everything in, clamp the lid down and walk away.  About a half hour before dinner I come and check on it, give it a taste and ta da, dinner is served.   An added bonus was that it was almost completely organic.

Chili recipe

1 can pinto beans
1 can  black beans
1 can  tomato sauce
1 can  fire roasted chopped tomatoes
1/2 chopped red onion
1/2 cup frozen red, green and yellow peppers
5 slices fake bacon chopped
1/3 cup red quinoa (added at the end, should cook at least 30 min.)
1/4 cup REAL maple syrup, that's right maple syrup!!!!!
1 big tablespoon of chili powder or to taste
light sprinkle of chipotle seasoning, or more if you like it hot

Throw it all in and shut the lid.  Of course you could do this on the stove top as well on low and simmer it all day.  If you find that the quinoa soaks up too much liquid just add a bit of water or veggie broth.  Mine was just perfect consistency.   And like I said before I added sour cream and smoked grated cheese on top.  But I did just eat another bowl of it with just the cheese and it was fabulous. 

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