Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jeremy's on the Hill

Taken this morning as we were headed home.

First I have to say that I forgot my camera when we headed out to dinner lastnight.  Several hours of shooting wolves was my every thought, of course that is until I sat down to eat.  Jeremy's on the Hill is just minutes outside of Julian, CA.  A town with a permanent population of just 300 so I wasn't sure what to expect when my husband said he'd made reservations.  He had talked to woman at the Hotel and she said it was one of the best. 

Jeremy's on the Hill is a family owned and run business with Jeremy Manley as the head chef.  Jeremy is only in his early 20s, a graduate of Cordon Blue and been cooking since the age of 10.  There is no age limit on being a great Chef, but from speaking with the locals this is one happening restaurant with great food. 

We pulled into the parking lot, the restaurant is very understated from the outside.  We headed in to the restaurant where we were cheerfully met by the staff immediately and brought to our table.  We got a great seat right in the corner by the fireplace, very romantic.  It is a very small and cozy type restaurant.  We made our wine choice from the California wines and were not disappointed.  My wine was amazing, just like the waitress had said it was. 

Chardonnay – Jessie’s Grove Winery – 2008 – Lodi, CA

The waitress brought bread/butter to the table which was some of the best bread I've eatten.  I had to ask if it was made at the restaurant or brought in.  This amazingly delicious bread comes from the town of Julian in a little bakery called The Candied Apple.  (More on this little bakery in another blog)

My husband ordered the mushroom soup for an appetizer which was very good.  Warm and earthy, served in a small cup, a great beginning to dinner.  We both order the Chicken Cordon Bleu as our main was amazing.  I haven't had a good Cordon Bleu in quite a while, it is something that I've eaten a lot of in my life and that I make myself.  This was a great one.  The plates were nice and hot and the food presently nicely.  It was lightly breaded on the outside and rich and moist on the inside.  The smokey flavor of the ham and cheese really gave the dish flavor. 

The service was very good, our waitress was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the menu and wines.  The evening was relaxed, there was no sense of rush at all and the atmosphere was friendly.  The tables are set nicely apart so that you don't have that feeling of others being on top of you. 

I did not order dessert but my husband order the Chocolate Mocha Pot de creme.  It was very good, my husband loved it. 

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