Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The death of a legend

We visited The Lone Star Texas Grill on Baseline this past week.  My daughter desperately wanted some of their vegetable fajitas.  Even after living in Southern California for nearly 14 years now and eating authentic Mexican, food Lone Star is or was a favorite spot to visit when we have a trip home.  Our last visit a year ago was very disappointing and we chalked it up to a different location.  This time we hit our old stomping ground, even with all the warnings that it just wasnt' the same. 
From the first bite things were not the same and went down from there.  The one good thing is that the Quesadilla that I ordered was good, not Lone Star good but good.  Several years ago I could have pulled up to the table and ate chips and salsa until I exploded, not now.  Very regular bag like chips and salsa that tasted much like grocery store salsa was a huge let down. 
There was no familiar mesquite smell in the air, no sizzling platters of fajitas, nothing.  My daughters veggie fajitas were nothing like they use to be and the service was like any other roadhouse type restaurant, mediocre.  The familiar favorite items were gone from the menu. 
I'd heard that the restaurant chain had been sold but could not find any information on it online. I can't imagine changing a fabulous thing, it just doesn't make sense.  We won't be back, it was that disappointing.  They had something special there, something that set them apart from all the other roadhouse type restaurants.  And something that kept people lining up even in the frigid temperatures. 
We have frequented Lone Star since it opened it's door, but all we have left of the once amazing Lone Star Texas Grill is memories.  What was once a favorite watering hole is now gone, very sad. 

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